Natural Solution To lose weight & Get Flat Tummy Within 28 Days.

The secret I am about to revealed to you will be your greatest breakthrough if you are in dare need to get rid of the excess fats on your body and also big tummy.

Count yourself a lucky champion for stumbling on this web page..

Anyway before I proceed, I will like to introduce myself, my names are Clara Akin, am a mother of Three wonderful kids, resides in Lagos, Lekki precisely.

Growing up has been wonderful for me.

I ate a lot of junks food during my teenage days, i don't exercise, too lazy for that, nobody gave me a nice orientation to curb my eating habit and be conscious of my weight, that makes me grow fat.

I don't even care because I was getting everything I need from my parents, life was so sweet.

I later got married in 2013,to my lovely husband, everything was nice, hubby was proud of me and it was a bliss moment for us, I later got pregnant and gave birth, then after my last child birth of my daughter, my husband started acting funny, he doesn't take me out on occasion as usual.

He sees every opportunity to give me one lame excuse and the other, it even got to the point that my husband stopped making love to me, it's getting serious, one night I have to confront him, he told me without blinking that am so irritating, that am getting too fat for his liking.

That has been my worst moment.

I wake up and walk to the mirror to have a glance of myself, It dawned on me that am truly getting bigger. My stomach is the shameful part of my body, it's so big that you can even think am pregnant, at a time my husband started keeping late night, sometimes he won't come back, I have to do my investigation on him before i lose my husband.

Bang... My husband has been cheating on me for long. I know the reason for his actions, am no longer the sexy looking lady he married. But thank God I later find a solution to my problem.

The journey has not been an easy one,​ i started with wearing waist trainers,i wore it to bed every night and day,i wasn't getting the result i need so far, so i ditched all kinds of waist trainers and started looking for a killer solution to my problem.

I spent heavily on products,offline and online,i was losing money on daily basis,it was a terrible experience for me

My breakthrough started when i bought this slimming kit online,i took it upon myself to keen into it like never before,as you can see,am better now and loving my new looks.

My husband is really proud of my efforts to curb fats and am also proud of myself too for taking the bold step to procure this latest slimming kit that was my saving grace.

You see, things have changed, there's an adage that says men are moved by what they see, am not here to talk about my family life, I feel it's a need for people to learn from my experience be the best for your hubby or fiancee and also to yourself, your body shapes matter a lot.

Excess belly fat is extremely unhealthy.

It's a risk factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The medical term for unhealthy fat in the belly is "visceral fat," which refers to fat surrounding the liver and other organs in your abdomen.

Every normal-weight people with excess belly fat have an increased risk of health problems

After the procurement of this product and how effective it has been for me,as a proper Naija business woman,i know that so many women maybe passing through my kind of ordeal and also in the look out for a permanent solution to there problems,i have to make more order of this product,i just wanted to test the market.

​I started with my close friends who are astonished with my look looks, you know women nah..

The result was massive and mindblowing,some advise me to buy more and market to the outside world,i though about it though and it has been the greatest decision i have ever made.​

I am now a certified distributor of this product here in Nigeria with so many amazing pleasantries from my customer all over the nation and it feels good that i have been able to help so many people get there confidence back and live a normal healthy life.

You too can benefit also if you are truly want to get rid of excess fat and big tummy from your body because the solution has come to stay... Truly i know how it feels..

Its time to unleashed the biggest secret of the century by introducing what i called THE BIG BANG to you...

This is the Natural slimming kit for anyone who wants to slim down or get flat tummy needs, Tested & Confirmed BY Me & Many Others..

Research has it that this product is 100% effective, and has no bad effect when using it. Tested and confirmed by health professionals in Texas. 

Ingredients Used In Making This Product.

I wouldn't want anybody to buy what he/she dont know, am sure if i were in your shoes, i will also want to know more about this product, cause its very essential one knows what he/she is about to buy.

Mostly when it has to do with health. I am a human being like you, i have conscience ,so i took my time to explain these product very well. so make sure you read this before you order for this.

 Flat Tummy Tea:​ Made with fine Blend of Moringa, Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed & Oolong Tea. it contains 28 sachets of tea inside the pack.

Slimming Cream: Made with China Red Pepper, Natural Bee Glue, Ginger Extract, Seaweed Essence, Carbopol, tea, water, E.D.T.A

Flat tummy tea is a detox and a weight loss tea that really works. The benefits of taking this special and very effective tea are as follows :

The combination of these two products helps to achieve the desired weight loss goal.​


The Flat Tummy Slim kit product is meant for those that have been battling with excess fat and big tummy and for those that choose to have a nice sexy bikini body shape.

Make no Mistake..This product is not like any other product you see online or offline, giving you series of hope and at the end of the day you wont see any magnificent result, some of them selling lose weight products have not even tested or used the product first hand...

Having a nice sexy body is what every body crave for, some are lazy to work for it while few are consistent in making out time to search for solution to there problems​, at the end they never regret taking the decision,you too can benefit from our wonderful product today because this kind of offer doesn't presents itself all the time.

What we are offering you is the best product you can ever think about, base on my experience, i have used and tested the product firsthand and also with a large amount of customers all over the nation and for once we have not gotten any single negative review from our lovely customers​ so far.


We receive testimonies every day, so we will be updating you with different testimonies as time goes on. see some of our few testimonies for this this week:

Whatsapp Testimony from our customers

Testimony from our facebook page

Testimony from mrs patricia

It was quite an amazing moment for me when i stumbled upon this product,i reside in south Africa, my sister bought the product for me, when i came back to Nigeria for a visit, i started using the product and thank God am now better and more healthy too, Am loving my new looks now, Thanks so much.

SMS Testimony 

This is an international certified product

No Alcohol, No Pigment, Lead-Free, Mercury-Free, No Chemical Fragrances Added , 100% Natural Extract, Safe With No Side Effects.​

​Order your own weight lose/slimming kit and pay cash on delivery with free shipping for just N12,000.

No More N15,000


NOTE: Please don't place an order if you know you wont be available for pickup and payment of the products upon delivery because once you placed an order,we ship your order immediately to your designated location,so make sure to be available within our delivery time frame after placing your order which is 2-6 working days to avoid any future expenses. Please adhere to the instructions to enable us serve you better

Fill in the form below correctly and submit, to place your order for the slimming Kit For Just N12,000. Price goes back to N15,000 after the count down.

NOTE: For anybody who made payment before delivery, the persons order will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours Nationwide, using any of this transportation companies, Peace mass, God is good, GUO Or Young shall grow. Known as Priority Delivery

You Can Also Place Order & Pay With Your Mater ATM Card

Call, Text, Whatsapp: 09037241705

You will get a response from us confirming your order, delivery time frame is 2 to 5 working days depending on your location.

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