Then I Discovered Something....

Then one day, almost by mistake, I discovered ONE THING that completely changed everything for me.  

….. In a few seconds I will tell you everything about it. But first, the amazing thing about this ONE rarely known Ancient Oil And Tea I will tell you about in a bit is this. It Works.  


In just 6 short weeks, using this Oil along With The Tea, my whole bones were restored to that of a 15year Old Child. I took this same Oil and Tea , sent it across to 2 other persons [My two friends], they applied it as instructed and they came out with Amazing buzz on my whatsapp. Here are the screenshots below;

And now, it’s your turn. I want to show you how I discovered this and how you too can do this.


They Lied to us.

You see, we’ve been made to believe that Arthritis types such as osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), fibromyalgia and gout has no cure, and the only way to manage it is by making use of prescibed contraceptives such as pain relievers.  


That’s exactly what we were made to believe and I’m very sure that’s what you had believed up till this very point of your life.    


….But they Lied to us. I know you’re shocked at this point. But I will show you exactly what I mean in a few seconds.    


I got so concerned and started making deep research on this when I realize that human beings will do ANYTHING to make sure he/she remains in business.  


Arthritis is caused by a wear off and tear off in the articular cartilage. Articular Cartilage is a tough, but flexible tissue that has two components: water and matrix. About 85 percent of cartilage is water, but it decreases to about 70 percent in older people.


Articular cartilage is very smooth and has low friction, which allows the bones in a joint to glide over one another upon movement. Articular cartilage serves as the cushion within the joint, and as a shock absorber.


When cartilage is damaged or worn away, the affected joint becomes painful, stiff, and limited in its motion, and that’s the more reason we experience those Early Morning stiffness because the bones are rubbing on each other.   [See image below]

What Happens When Cartilage Wears Down?

Cartilage can degrade over time if you're not careful. Cartilage damage occurs for various reasons. If a joint is burdened by improper alignment, excessive weight, excessive activity, overuse, or injury, articular cartilage can wear away.


Articular cartilage can completely wear away so that the affected joint no longer has its cushion and it begins to rub bone on bone. In such cases, there is significant pain, loss of motion, and functional disability associated with the affected joint. [See image below]

Now, you’ll agree with me that despite taking all those prescribed contraceptives and pills you still feel those heavy hammers hitting your bones so hard internally despite the fact that we were made to believe that prescribed Medication manages Arthritis.


The truth is that those pain relievers are not meant to get rid of arthritis, they are only there to ease the pain for a while, then the pains comes back so heavy.


They really lied to us… just to get us hooked on their contraceptives and pain relievers and that’s the more reason why most of us made use of them right from our childhood up till this very moment, and at the end, most of us still get on wheelchairs by the time the Articular Cartilage wears off completely.    


….. My guess is that this is already happening to you right now, It might not make you get on wheel chair in a few months or even years, God Forbid. But you need to do something about it now fast before it ruins your life.    


Infact when I found out about all this, I was really terrified that my Cartilage might have wear off so badly which might lead me getting crippled. God Forbid.    


….. So what should be done about this? That is exactly what I am going to show you in a few seconds.  



The ONLY solution to this is to immediately try and stop the articular cartilages from wearing out any further and therefore REGENERATE those worn out cartilages [Just like mine below] before it wears off completely thereby landing you unto a wheel Chair for life. 

Well, don’t be afraid…  


 Here’s the goodnews.

There’s actually a Newly Discovered over 1000 years Hidden Secret of the Great Chinese Emperor Wung Chun Miu, which was recently discovered by a Chinese hunter Known as "Lee Cheng Wen" While hunting about 4Years Ago.

This is where it gets really interesting….    

….. According to him, he said that the Rhino Bones are all preserved and hidden in the ancient beijiang' Trees in the Ancient China donkey years ago, and the only set of persons who have access to those trees are Royalties.   


They were given this oil Produced from the Rhino Bones Every 4months and that was the reason why Even at 90, their Old Men and Women Still walk properly and upright, and the Rhino Bone Oil is also used to get rid of ailments such as; Headaches, Vomiting and stomach upsets, Anxiety, Boils, Infantile convulsions, Nausea, Food poisoning, Inflammation and infection.  [This is the Rhino Animal below]

Ever since then, All Asia countries started making use of this powerful Oil known as 神秘油 Shénmì yóu [Mystery Oil].     

ThisEver since then, All Asia countries started making use of this powerful Oil known as 神秘油 Shénmì yóu [Mystery Oil].     

This Oil HUNTS directly at the Articular Cartilage, thereby repairing the almost worn out cartilages. It’s very powerful.   


It has gotten international recognition and even gotten featured on “The Mercury News paper" in the United States.

.... It also got featured on several news platforms both in china and in the United states.

 The Miracle Pain Crushing Tea

The Miracle herbal Pain Crusher Tea is really powerful and effective herbal tea which was made from 100% herbal ingredients such as Ormosia, Licorice, Coix Seed, and yam rhizome, all of which are not only potent, but helps to detoxify YOUR body system, and takes away the pain caused by Arthritis. ​    What's So Special About This Tea?

The Tea contains so many secret herbal contents which can be found at the root of the popular Mount Himalaya. That made this tea not so easy to find anywhere else in the world except China.  

And the best of all?

All You Need is a Hot Cup of The Pain Crushing Tea, and it starts working immediately!

If you have been suffering from chronic Arthritis and Body Pains which feels like it wants to end your life, all you need to do is to take a sip of this amazing tea, you can take it with honey in the morning and at night for 30 days, and watch ALL of your pains and agony FADE away, and FAST too!


So How Exactly Did I Get it? And How Can You Get Yours?  

Honestly, I wasn’t actually the one who discovered it. It was a very close friend of mine living in the United States, who really knows what I was passing through.  


He was the one who saw it over there then he sent me the Link where I then ordered about 4 bottles (N52,000)  and then it got to me in Nigeria within 3weeks.    


…. Within just 6 weeks. I experienced a Miracle I have NEVER experienced before in my Entire life.  I now also perform my duties in the OTHER ROOM to the fullest and my wife gets so satisfied. Thank God.  



If I Can Do it, You too Can!  

So I took it upon myself to bring in the “Mystery Oil Ointment” into the country and the demand has been really massive.    


.... Also the Distribution Company in USA warned me not to make it get pirated by Nigerians, so I’ll have to be very careful before handing it over to you.    


That's the reason why I got into partnership with Deal Up Deals Distribution Company to get it distributed across to you because of my busy schedules at work. 


Since then, Over 231 people has gotten it from then and so many more have been demanding for more! But we only have about 58 Bottles Of the Mystery Oil Left For Now, and I don't know when i'll make an other for another batch. 


Mr Johnson.

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