True Confession from a Nigerian man...

This is My True Life Story Of How I Found a Simple and Natural Solution To My Small Penis and Premature Ejaculation... and Was Finally Able To Satisfy My Woman In Bed By Saving My Relationship

If you don't want to lose your wife because you have a small manhood & Quick ejaculation. Read Every Word Here Carefully..

My name is Mr. Michael

 It was not easy for me to write this letter because in it I share a personal life experience, that honestly, I'm embarrassed about

But I also know a lot of men want to Make Their Man Hood Bigger, Thicker, Larger And stronger And Also Last Long When Having Sex so they can satisfy their wife/Girlfriend In Bed.


                                                             Here is my story

When you see a man that has a well-paying job� married to a beautiful woman� drives nice cars� and lives in a fine house in a �tush� estate� you automatically assume that he is happy.


But the truth is, although I live a comfortable life, I was NOT a happy man.


I was actually suffering in silence, but couldn�t tell anyone about it. My Sex Life Was Zero. I Have Small Penis And I Can Not Last Longer Than 1 Min In Bed


I Had� An Embarrassing SECRET That I Tried To Hide As Much As Possible

This Is Your New Title

The problem was �I Had a serious problem Of Lasting 1 Min In Bed And Small JOHNSON, Small Penis. I Cant penetrate Any woman, I Cant satisfy Any woman, My Penis is so tiny, Smaller than a 10 years old Boy.

Women use to make jest of me when they saw howsmall it was. Because of this, I felt like a TOTAL FAILURE when it came to women matters.


BUT The Really Sad Thing Is�

Even after I got married about 3 years ago, the problem continued to raise its ugly head� (and, it eventually destroyed my marriage, as you shall see) Small Penis And My Inability to Last Long During Sex.

                                            No thanks to my needle-dick and quick ejaculation problem;


My condition was so bad that many a times, I ejaculated even before entering.


You'll be absolutely right if you call me "a needle-dick"


Same name my first ever girl friend (at Uniben) labeled me before her friends.


I'll be absolutely honest with you here;


Nike was all nice and understanding.


A rare type and beautiful young woman in her late twenties, endowed with every good things of womanhood - big backyard, a set of well positioned oranges, killer hips, sexy and charming eyes, pinky lips etc


Uhm... she's endowed!


But, sadly has never enjoyed sex with me.


Never felt what it means to orgasm.


She wanted it badly.


Little wonder then

This is the point where you cannot go back. No matter what, you have to face and solve your problem. In this section, you can tell your audience how you finally able to solve your problem.

After trial & error, you also able to help your family, friends, or colleagues that have the same problem as yours. And now, you're about to tell the world the *Secret Weapon* that your use to finally solve and get rid of the problem(s) completely.

She Found Succor in Our Gateman; a
Short Dirty Akwa Ibom Boy

Oh, I know!


I know what she did was a full blown adultery by all standards... but whenever I try to put myself in the shoes of a lady who remained a virgin till marriage, and has never enjoyed sex thereafter for 3 whole years, I feel for her.

On that fateful day... precisely on Friday, October 18th  2013, at around 9.23pm exactly, I told Nike I will be going for our usual night vigil programme at our church in College Road, Ogba Lagos.

She declined going with me.

I reasoned with myself about the stress she must have passed through during her travels over the week to see her mom.

So I dressed up picked the car key then left for the programme.

On getting to church, I discovered we were told to bring along pictures of our loved ones to pray on, I quickly turned my car and head back to the house which is about 25 minutes drive.

On getting inside, I heard screams from upstairs.

I ran up the stairs, two steps at a time, bounding into the bedroom to see what was wrong.

What was wrong was my wife, my beloved Nike, was laid on her back with some guy pounding away at her as if there was no tomorrow... in my matrimonial bed.

What was more wrong was she was moaning and enjoying it.... and hardly noticed anybody came in.

To say the least... the small man left inside of me DIED


I will not like to get into the graphics details here� because up till now, it is still depressing. And, it will surely bring back sad memories which I don�t want to remember.


I was devastated� and couldn�t sleep for days...


I almost lost my mind!


But thank God, because that ugly incident was actually�


A blessing in disguise


You see, at that point, I knew something had to change; or else, this shameful incident would keep happening to me repeatedly, even if I marry another woman.


And that would be too painful to bear.


So, I began a desperate search� until I discovered the solution that turned my life around!


�a FINAL solution to the problem that almost ruined my life also made me �waste� thousands of Naira for years, with no result.




I Never Imagined That Such A SIMPLE method Could Change My Life For Good


It�s so amazing!

Small Penis And Premature Ejaculation

I never believed such a simple stunt could mean the difference, not just in my sex life, but in more than 43 of my friends and their friends... still counting by the day.

My life change, Now i can Ejaculate any woman more than 4 round daily, My small penis move from 3.5 to 9 inches, Why my woman at times beg me to stop because the way i handle her is more than what he can take ever since i got solution to my Small Penis and Ejaculation Problem

Let me Quickly tell you a little story of a man that called me on phone and it lead to what am about to introduce to you

Read On:

Three months ago, I was about sleeping after a heavy day's work when my phone rang... Part of me was tired from running around all day long clearing the imported goods that had just been shipped. But the persistency of the caller made me decide to pick up the call.

Alas, it was one of my long awaiting customer who had bought every single package I have always created. For privacy purpose, I will call him Mr. X.

I was surprised when Mr. X who had been my customer for a long time was literally shedding tears on the phone. A grown-up man shedding tears...I felt concerned.

...To cut the long story short, here is the low-down of the gist:

His wife of over nine years was about to walk away from the marriage, no matter how much he begged. Mrs. X had claimed Mr. X has not been man enough, and couldn't satisfy her in bed... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Take a minute to visit google, right now, one of the major reason for divorce in marriages today is.... yes, you guessed right, lack of satisfactory sex in the marriage.

Many men don't have the stamina in bed, that is why there partner are prone to cheating... Yes, imagine seeing adverts of boys claiming they can satisfy a woman in bed, if their needs are taken of.

I don't have a problem in that department. In fact, I am a GALLANT MAN when it comes to making love ever since I got solution to my problem... My wife can testify to that... not to brag... let me tell you a very short story.

I was scrolling through my wife phone, I had become addicted to Adele's "Hello", and was trying to send it to my phone when somehow I opened her facebook page... I saw her friend's request, nearly totaling about 200+ (I am not kidding). She doesn't chat online, she is not a facebook freak and how come she had over 200 friend request; Then I became curious and went to check her notification.

This is where it started to get exciting (or weird)

Below is the screenshot of what she posted on facebook that gathered over 300+ comments, generated lorry load of likes and boatload of friend's request.

I was stunned!

What I read touched me... but today the ball game is different, she is enjoying every bit of it... lol.

Back to Mr. X Story. I told him the solution to his problem... There were basically simple solution that will guarantee results as soon as possible, if and only if, he follows the instructions to the letter

What I told him, is what I am about to share with you right now...

Every man has the potential of satisfying a woman... I mean, every Chike, Bala and Moshood has the potential of satisfying his girl or wife. But very few have the know -how, and fortunately for everyone, you dont have to be a sex-god to make a woman want to make love to you every single day of her life...

The length of your manhood has a part to play... a very important part, and anyone can add two to Seven inches to his penis with just a home-used device (one which I will show you later)

The length of time... a one-minute man is despised by many women, even Miss Elliot had to sing a song with it... What's the title again... Ah yes! One minute man or something... and anyone can make sex last for as long as 30 minutes to 45 minutes or more (There is also a product which I will talk about later)

To me, sex is a ritual... It had to be enjoyed, so as your partner will want you each and every time... Every night so many people's partner would never want to have sex with them, they give all kinds of excuse... from headache, to being stressed, tired, or not in the mood... But yet, they are always in the mood for the one who they are cheating with each and every time...

I have used the product I am talking about. I have seen great results from those who have used this product... Look below, that is one of the testimonial...or in short, Mr. X testimonial of using the product in less than a month... just 30 days!

�if a lady sees that you are not well endowed down there, She�s never going to want to see you again�

Women always want to be with men who is well endowed and can also perform very well.

Even if he�s ugly and poor, they will stick with him and want to make sure that he�s theirs.

And this has been the result of divorces, cheating in marriages and relationship breakups today because the man can�t seem to be able to sexually satisfy their woman in Bed.

I was actually surprised and told him to help his boy with this package and said he would send me one when he returns to the states and to make sure that I have my $190 to get it and he would take care of the rest.

That Was How It Started For Me.

Days later he returned to the states and within the next 2 weeks.

I got the package.

Here is how it looks like.

So What is this package about and what does it contain?

Handsome Up

What you are about to read has been approved by W.H.O As a International Bodies.

The Third Product is Natural Enlargement device (Handsome Up.) No side effects.This is how it looks like

The Penis Pump is a tried and tested penis enlargement devices, it can help you to achieve the penis growth you've always desired.

Not only is it a highly recommended simple, effective way of enhancing the size of your penis in both length and girth but it can also help men to greatly enhance their performance.

It will give you the confidence you've always dreamed about without any harmful side effects. Easy to use and you?ll amazed by the result. One of our of our best-selling penis enlargement pumps.

Product features:

� Cylinder with precision measurements that let you monitor the result.

�EZ push button purge valve.

� A silicone soft replacement seal included.

How does it work?

The Penis Pump uses air to increase the size of your penis. It has a bulb and cylinder connected by a thin rubber tube. The cylinder is attached to a lubricated sleeve. Place this sleeve over your penis then steadily pump the bulb by hand. When the bulb is pumped, air is pulled out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum.

This vacuum helps draw more blood into the penis, strengthening its tissue, which will cause an erection. The vacuum allows for an expansion of the tissue and results in an increase in penis size.

How long does it take for the Pump to work?

For fast and effective results, it is recommended that you build up to 45-60 minute sessions when using the Pump. It is best to start performing full-length sessions at a gradual pace. Initially, pump for 10-15 minutes, 4-5 times per week and then progressively increase as your body gets used to the pumping.

Simply make sure the vacuum is held for 5-10 minutes, released, and repeated a number of times, as if you were weight lifting.

If you want to INCREASE your manhood then this Pressure Penis Enlarging Pump is for you! This pump has 3 silicone sleeves for extra comfort whatever your size.

It has a POWERFUL suction pump to enlarge the penis QUICKLY AND PAINLESSLY.



The Handsome Up Penis Pump cost N12,000 flat! 

And When you combine


Handsome Up And Peineili Premature Ejaculation Spray The Result will be massive!

From 3 inches to 8.5 inches

We Only Have 50pcs Of This Device Available And Its Strictly First Come First Serve. If You Really Want To Enjoy A Better Sex Life, More Pleasurable than Anyone Else In Your Neighborhood, Then You Have To Order For It Now!


All For Just #17,000

You can also individually pick the one that you want, but its actually best when you get this 2 together at this Special Price Slash Offer

If you are buying the 2 together, you will enjoy a whooping discount from us...


Peineili Premature Ejaculation Spray will help you against premature ejaculation henceforth. You shall last between 30minutes to 60minutes per round.


Peineili Premature Ejaculation Spray | 18+

Helps eliminate premature ejaculation

Gives you a save & healthy sex life

Effective & easy to use, ready to use in about 10mins

Great sexual sensation for you & your partner

Ingredients: natural and pure herbal extract, main ingredients: water, Spunlace non-woven cloth, Cnidium monnleri extract, Clove extract, Purple flower extract, Cinnamon extract

Volume: 15ml


Peineili Premature Ejaculation Spray is an over-the-counter (OTC), topical PE medication that is applied directly onto the penis. Its patented absorption technology is the key to giving you the ejaculation control to satisfy your partner. It provides men the control to not only last longer, but also to engage in her favorite sexual positions - the penetration, thrusting and clitoral stimulation that will bring her to orgasm.


Spray over the glans penis and coronary sulcus with this product 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, then spread evenly.This product is valid for about 60 minute.

Precautions For Use

Do not spread urinary meatus.

Please wash with warm water if any discomfort after wiping

For oral sex ,please wash 30min after spraying this product.

This product can not be used on skin with rash or abrased wound or allergic skin.



How To Order For The Package!!!


We Understand that we Have 2 Hot Products Available For Sale on This Website. You Can Order For Both the Forever Multimaca, Ginkgo Plus And Handsome Up And Get The Peinieli FREE Or Individually Pick The Ones That You Are Interested In. 

Option 1

Do Not Fill Below Form If You Are Not Ready or Don't Have Money To Pay

The 2 Product Price is #17,000 Payment On Delivery by KONGA. You will be Called/texted to know when your Kit is around your State.

OUR WHATSAPP: 0811 988 0942

Orders placed during the weekend (Friday-Sunday) will be processed on Monday. Products Will Be Delivered To you within 4 to 7 Working Days Depending On Your Location. Make Sure You are Available to Pick Up Your Order Once Our Delivery Agents Reach Your States.

Simply Fill and Submit Below Form To Place Your Order and Click "SEND".



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