How To Permanently Lose Weight Quickly And Easily Without Giving Up Your Life, Your Schedule, Or Your Favourite Ghana Foods (And Junk) In The Process

Supreme fat-loss system (SFS for Short)

The Supreme fat-loss system is the first and only weight-loss plan designed for safe and fast weight loss, without you giving up your favourite Nigerian foods (and junk)  and your social life.

It solves your weight loss problem at the core level. So you never worry about gaining back the weight.

The ‘magic’ is in the simple combination of foods (even unhealthy ones) to force your body to burn fat fast, which brings out your sexy body in no time.

The supreme-fat loss system is a blend of science and real­ world experiences.

So Its a realistic program with "real-world" solutions and NOT just "text book" solution to permanent weight loss.

It is the most complete battle tested weight loss system. Nothing is held back

The fat loss strategies in this guide will work for you even if...

  • You don’t have time to follow a meal plan or exercise regularly
  • You struggle with food cravings.
  • You have the worst genetics or the slowest metabolism ever.
  • You have trouble staying motivated.
  • You're just plain lazy.
  • You just want to lose weight in a particular stubborn area like your tummy, underarms, thighs, waist..etc
  • You Hate exercising

or even if you think you’ve tried absolutely everything!

This is the exact blueprint I use for my personal coaching clients who pay me a lot.

However, the guide you're getting today is the upgraded, improved and refined version with more tips and tricks to make it even easier and for you to burn fat faster.

Now, before we move any further I need to tell you what the supreme fat-loss is NOT:

  • It isn't a diet because no foods are banned (it's a nutritional plan).
  • It is not a weight-loss drug or supplement.
  • It has nothing to do with silly exercise machines or endless hours of cardio.
  • And it certainly has no business with weird slimming teas people are talking about these days.

If you're looking for those sort of things, then this guide is not for you.

Still here?...okay

Now, when I was putting together the supreme fat loss system guide, I read hundreds and hundreds of medical research journals... But... I didn't stop there.

I also looked for successful dieters. People who successfully lost the weight and kept it off for years. And when I found them, I started analysing (and being that "annoying, ask too many questions guy").

And what I found out from them opened my eyes to what actually works to easily stick to your diet and have fun doing it (it's not what you'd think... it's much easier...)

I found the one(1) isolated thing that all of them had in common.

In the supreme fat-loss system I have a special chapter dedicated to showing you exactly how to do this "one thing" step by step.

That’s why Supreme Fat-loss System is the best book that’s ever been written about weight loss for Nigerians.

Again, I should warn you, SFS Not for "do nothing, lose weight" kind of people.

If you're looking for a "miracle diet" or a trendy new Hollywood diet...then you're in the wrong place.

You see, for miracle diets - you need “miracles” to make them work.

Okay, let’s get serious here, as you know, nothing good in life comes easy (especially losing weight)

However, I have made the supreme fat-loss system as easy as humanly possible. It cannot get any easier than that.

So if you're wanting REAL ANSWERS to weight loss, here’s what you can and should expect the Supreme Fat-Loss System to deliver:

1.No Hunger

I’ll tell you a secret that took me years to realise. It is:

You’ll never lose weight and keep it off on any diet 
that leaves you hungry.

You see, hunger is an irresistible force, sooner or later willpower always gives in to hunger. And that’s why most weight-loss diets ultimately fail because they leave you hungry.

However, following the supreme fat-loss system, you’ll hardly be hungry.

You see, the eating guidelines allow you to eat until you're satisfied, and it's not all “rabbit” food either (where you eat only vegetables).

You’re even allowed to eat as much as 5 meals a day (i.e, 3 main meals and 2 snacks in between meals) if you want.

And that’s not all...

I’ll even show you neat little trick that helps you get full fast and keeps you satisfied until your next meal. Once you see what it is, you’ll wonder why you never thought about it before.


2.Simple And Easy

The supreme fat-loss system is as simple as A.B.C. It easy to follow even if you eat in restaurants.

No need of counting calories or complex measuring of portions.

Want to know what I love most about this system:

No food is off limit or banned, 
so you get to eat like a normal person.

In fact, your family and friends won't even notice you're dieting, but would only notice your waistline shrinking day by day.

The system does all the hard work for you, the only thing you do is keep track of is how much you lose.

Moving on...

3.Healthy And Safe

The Supreme Fat-loss System is not just a weight-loss system but also 
health-restoring system.

The system is designed to flush out toxins from foods you eat.

You see, your health is the most important thing before any other, so any diet that’s not safe and healthy is not worth it.

Most weight-loss program may help you lose weight, but are nutritionally unbalanced, which leads to lots of health problems in the near future.

And that’s too risky.

Using the Supreme Fat-loss System is the safest way you can lose weight fast! while getting healthier.

And lastly..

4.No Gym Required.

You do not have to exercise to lose weight with the supreme fat-loss diet.

However, since exercise is fantastic for your health and can contribute to weight-loss when done right, the supreme fat loss system recommends 2 best type exercise for weight-loss that don’t require a gym.

These exercises are deceptively simple, short and more effective than regular exercises.

And the best part is:

You can do them from the comfort of your home without fancy exercise equipment or machines.

That means bye-bye to expensive monthly gym memberships that are not doing you much good.

Those are the 4 things you should expect from the supreme fat-loss system.

Check out results average people are getting...

Now, let's see in more details what's inside the guide...

Here’s a "taste" of the secrets each chapter reveals…

Chapter 1: Why We Get Fat

In chapter 1, You’ll discover...

  • 3 unbelievable reasons why you’re GAINING and HOLDING fat!... And what to do about it (HINT: It has nothing to do with eating too much or having a slow metabolism.)
  • Why some people can eat all types of fattening foods and not gain weight, while on the other hand, you eat two sticks of carrot and you immediately gain weight (HINT: It has nothing to do with genetics)
  • Why women gain weight faster than men and what to do about it.
  • What is “Diet-Induced Obesity” …and how can it make your weight balloon
  • A common non-food trigger you must avoid at all cost, that forces your body to store belly fat. Engaging in this activity is like turning on a switch for increased fat production.
  • Three simple and cheap techniques to prevent and melt belly fat fast! (The hardest part is actually remembering to do them)
  • And much more..

After going through chapter 1, you'll never gain a single Kg again because you'll now know all the little-hidden causes of weight gain and how to avoid them.

Chapter 2 : How to Lose Weight (The One and Only Requirement)

In chapter 2, You’ll discover...

  • Why most exercises are almost useless for weight Loss.

  • What’s the difference between “weight loss” and “fat-loss” (and why you may be focused on the wrong one)
  • How to cut portions without feeling hungry.
  • Why you can still look fat even after losing a lot of weight.
  • And much more.

When you're done with chapter 2, you'll never see weight loss the same again. And most importantly, you'll never fall for any weight loss scams again, because you'll know what it really takes to lose weight without stress.

Chapter 3: Understanding Nutrition

& Applying It for Maximum Fat loss

In chapter 3, You’ll discover...

  • The single most important nutrient for weight loss. This nutrient must be available for any diet to work.
  • How to maximise fat-loss while minimising flab and excess skin without going to the gym.
  • Why eliminating as much fat from your diet is the dumbest and worst approach to weight loss (and what is?)
  • Cut cravings and easily say no to fattening temptation by making this one baby-simple change that ​will keep you full for hours.
  • Why you still feel like eating even when you’re full to the brim.
  • The one and the only way to break away from sugar cravings and addiction. This one slight adjustment Kills your addiction and cravings for sugar and sugary foods forever.
  • How you can instantly tell if a product has the most dangerous ingredients ever known to man even if the food label doesn’t say it.
  • Protein powder: health food or junk food (You’ll be surprised at the real answer!)
  • And much more.

When you go through chapter 3, you'll discover many myths and big fat lies about eating, exercising and supplementing for weight loss. You'll become a master nutritionist. And you'll be able to show your friends and family some few weight loss tricks.

Chapter 4: Mental Game of Fat-loss

In chapter 4, You’ll discover...

  • Why changing your diet or exercise program is the last thing you should do… and what’s your best “first move”
  • The single dumbest mistake most people make when they trying to lose weight ... and... how to avoid it.
  • A big weight-loss secret—a secret that goes against everything you’ve ever been told.
  • Cherry picked secrets stolen from the top weight-loss transformation stories.
  • The secret strategy every successful dieter uses to eliminate the temptation of cheating on their diet without using willpower whatsoever.
  • And much more.

Pretty amazing stuff, don't you agree?... And like I said, that's just a "taste"... not everything you'll discover in the guide.

Now, you’re really curious how much this guide cost....and your are probably thinking this may cost you a fortune (or your kidney)

Well, good news! That’s not the case. I’m going to tell you more about the price soon.

First, let me sharply tell you the reasons why Supreme Fat-loss System works so well and is better than any other weight-loss book:

Reason 1 : It’s Flexible And Customisable 

The diet plan in the supreme-fat system is an “Intelligent meal plan system

What does that mean? It very simple.

It means the meal plan is flexible and adjustable to suit your food preferences, budget, and schedule.

You’re not locked down to eating any particular food.

Don’t like a particular food?... Easy... Just Pick any other food you love on list of over 40 fat-burning foods on page 105 and swap.

Also, you don’t have time for breakfast?...Or too busy to eat lunch?.... No worries the system has got you covered..

You’re basically eating the way you want and no rules to follow that would destroy your social life.

The diet plan doesn't control your life, instead, you control it.

Reason 2: Its Based On Ghana Diet 

The Supreme fat-Loss system is based on 100% Ghana foods.

No weird food or complicated recipes, just regular delicious Naija foods.

You see, the diet guidelines in the supreme fat-loss system make every meal feel like a cheat meal.

And you don’t need any exotic foods that are impossible to find or expensive pre- packaged food. Just regular affordable Nigerian food you can get anywhere.

Reason 3: Key Point Summary Checklist After Each Chapter.

Are you busy and don’t have time to read... or... You just hate reading?....

Then no problem, because the Supreme fat-loss guide contains "Shortcut Summaries Of Key Points" at the end of each chapter for fast and easy reference.

Without reading the whole chapter, you can get the gist of what the chapter is talking about.

Reason 4: Well Researched And Easy To Read 

Over 300 research reports went down to create this guide. However, there's no scientific jargons, just calm, clear, everyday simple ENGLISH

The guide is easy-to-read, gorgeous and interesting. It is littered with stories, pictures and interesting analogies to make everything clear and not boring.

It’s tightly edited, no messing around. I don't ramble or waste your time in any way.

Well, as a matter of fact, you can read the guide in one evening and the very next day you can start losing weight fast.

Nothing to work out on your own. No guesswork. No theory. No nonsense. Just clear and simple, step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions that tell you exactly what to do.

Now, the retail price of the supreme fat-loss system guide would be GHS 600 when released to the general public....and that's a great deal.

However, that price is NOT for you, you’ll owe me something else entirely.I’ll explain what I mean in a few minutes. 

First, I want you to take a look at these "exclusive Bonus gifts" to get you results even faster, that you’ll also get absolutely free today:

Special bonus 1: Customisable and flexible meal times table 

(VALUE: GHC 100)

This is not just a regular meal plan that is a “one-size-fit-all” but an“intelligent” meal plan.

This means that, you can fully customise the meal plan to your taste, schedule and budget.

If you don’t like a particular food on the plan, smalls, you can choose another food from a complete list of fat burning food and simply swap.

Special bonus 2: Ancient food responsible for the islanders' good Health and youthful Appearance

(VALUE: GHC 100)

In this guide, you’ll discover a healthy food the world has forgotten about that’s readily available everywhere in the market.

I’ll show you how to use this natural food as a secret weapon to:

  • Get a youthful hair & skin that look better than ever. In other words, your skin will glow and your hair will shine

  • Restore and boost your energy from the inside out without the crash of caffeine or sugar
  • And much more

And the best part is the fat fighting property of this natural food. You'll lose weight faster and look amazing all at once just by using this natural food in the right way. 

Now, remember the value of the supreme fat-loss guide on its own is GHC 500. If you add the cost of  all the bonuses you're getting today, that's a total value of:

GHC 700 

So what will it cost you to get your hands on the supreme fat-loss system and all 6 bonuses?....

Before I tell you, I want you to think about it this way:


Of course, you choose to continue down the path you're on right now,

and end up spending 10, 20 or even 100 times the investment you'll make today in the Supreme Fat-loss System on useless weight-loss supplements, overpriced gym membership, weird sliming tea or other ways to lose weight that never works.

And THEN there's the priceless shame of carrying and gaining Kg of embarrassing belly fat every week by following outdated and ridiculous diets and nutrition you see on television, popular fitness magazines and websites.

And let's not even talk about the huge amount of money you'll blow on medications trying to treat various diseases caused by excess fat.. Even worse: you can genetically pass these diseases to your innocent unborn kids and grandkids.

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