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What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation means lack of control on ejaculatory system. "Someone who ejaculates before penetration or within few minutes of penetration is suffering from premature ejaculation".

In its wider definitions premature ejaculation means “Someone who ejaculates before his partner experience orgasm is suffering from premature ejaculation.”

What are the causes of Premature ejaculation?

1- One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is masturbation in wrong manner. The main aim of masturbation is to jerk out the sperm as soon as possible so that you could feel intense tingling pleasure at the base of your penis to release the sexual tension.

This practice for long time does condition your sexual response as that of a premature ejaculator.

2- The other cause for premature ejaculation is nature itself. Naturally every male is premature ejaculator. Haven’t you seen horses, loins and oxens etc. while making sex? Even the healthiest Animal ejaculates within few minutes. Same is true with us -----------human males. Nature wants us to spill sperms as soon as possible so that it could start making our successor human beings. However if we humans will keep on following faulty nature, we may ruin our lives.

3- You can ejaculate prematurely if you get overwhelmed by sexual feelings and extreme wave of sexual arousal. Usually, young men get too much excited because extreme sexual energy and artlessness to control imposing urge to ejaculate. If ejaculation keeps on repeatedly occurring in this fashion, it becomes hardened response of your body and brain.
4- “Not-good-first-sexual-experience" may lead to premature ejaculation. First sexual encounter has to be very pleasant, sustained and prolonged; otherwise possibility of your becoming remains pretty high. Your body and brain can start similar response all of your next sexual encounters as was in your first encounter. That is why masters always recommend that your first sexual experience should not be with any whore or hooker. She may make you come quicker and can pass a nasty comment on your sexual weakness that may leave very adverse effects on your sexual life to come.

5- If the head of your penis (glans) becomes sensitive, you may ejaculate prematurely.

6- Sexual artlessness is another cause of premature ejaculation.

7- Vaginal tightness is also one the causes of premature ejaculation.

8- Hypersensitivity.

9- Alcoholism.

10- Anxiety

What are benefits of lasting longer?

There are hundreds of benefits of lasting longer and can not be accounted for here. However, I will try to tell you few main benefits of making sex for longer time.

1) You remain inside her and give her number of strong vaginal orgasms and thus you get glorified as god of LOVE AND SEX in her heart.

2) Rich and long sex will give you intense pleasure and will recharge your sexual power. You will neither suffer from sexual dysfunction all your life nor will lose your interest in sex. Your libido levels will always remain high.

3) You will feel yourself a superior male and your confidence will touch skies. Any girl who you may sleep with will drool after you all her life. She will never forget you!

4)You will become unbelievably healthy, robust and energetic and will live long.

5)Your ejaculatory tingling will be prolonged, more sensational and far more gratifying.

6) Unlike other men, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on pills, creams and oils. You will ejaculate only when you want to ejaculate, quite naturally, safely and permanently.

What are bad effects of premature ejaculation on men?

1) The biggest bad effect of premature ejaculation on a male is loss of self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately becomes patient of temporary sexual dysfunction.

2) A premature ejaculator resorts to temporary relives and thus ends up aggravating his problem.

3) He remains worried, sullen, broken and aloof.

4) He avoids sexual contacts with females.

5)If he already has a partner, he ends up in breaking harmony with his female.

What are bad effects of premature ejaculation on Female Partner?

A female partner of a premature ejaculator does not get full sexual satisfaction so she becomes patient of different emotional and physical disorders.

1) When a man ejaculates on regular basis before his partner has achieved sexual satisfaction, she feels ditched and betrayed.

2) She remains dull and down and depressed. Later on she may become patient of hysteria.

3) She becomes quarrelsome and makes issues of small things. She is no more a forgiving woman.

4) She starts avoiding sex because she knows that she will again be left in the middle.

5) She destroys harmony with her male and becomes non-serious about the relationship.

The Reason Why Most Solutions For Premature Ejaculation Never Work...

If you've looked around at all, you've probably seen a ton of other "cures" out there.

There's numbing creams, special condoms... Sprays, pills, audio CDs, and "technique guides".

All kinds of stuff.

Does it work?

Well, I can only speak for myself and my clients, but no, those things mostly didn't work for us. I mean, what good is a spray to numb your penis? Do you really want to be covering yourself in weird chemicals every time you have sex for the rest of your life?

Think how difficult that would make things with a new partner...

And aside from all that, there's the "technique guides"...

You've probably seen those too -  thrust, squeeze, think, pinch, pull out and all that jazz.

I mean, really, do you want to do odd things every time you make love? Or would you rather just get down to it and behave completely normal?... AND HAVE FUN WITH NO WORRIES OR PRESSURE.

I know what I prefer...

Earlier, I promised that I would give you some more information on the 'cure' I discovered after all my research.

Instead of telling you how good it worked on me, I want to tell you about my buddy (and client) Dave.

How My Client Dave Went From Lasting 10 Seconds to Developing Total Control

(Dave isn't his real name, but we'll use it for privacy reasons)

At the time, Dave and I had been friends for a little over a year. However, although he knew what I did for a living, it took some time before he got the courage to approach me about his problems with Premature Ejaculation.

I've got to say, Dave had possibly the worst case of Premature Ejaculation I've ever seen. I'm not kidding. The poor guy would go off like a firecracker the second he touched his girlfriend in a sexual way...

My Brothers, I thought I had it bad when I couldn't last a minute, but at least that was during full penetrative sex. Dave was much worse off, and as a result, his entire life was miserable.

To make things even more tense for Dave, he was living under the shadow of a previous failed relationship - the previous partner had left him due to his constant Premature Ejaculation (though she phrased it as "we don't seem to have very good sexual chemistry").

Can you imagine the pressure this must have been putting on this new relationship?

Understandably, he was pretty desperate when he came to me, and obviously I agreed to work with him.

And here's what we did.

I spent awhile explaining why Premature Ejaculation occurs, and basically gave him all the facts I know about the causes.

Then I gave him a well laid out plan to follow, along with a few ideas and techniques that I thought would help him get a little more control.

Dave promised to work on what I'd shown him, and we agreed to meet again in a week.

Well, when he showed up the following week, I knew something was different, because he just wouldn't stop smiling...

Turns out he had gone from lasting not even ten seconds during light foreplay, to lasting ten whole minutes during full blown intercourse.

And if you've ever had Premature Ejaculation as bad as Dave, you know firsthand that a change like that would in turn change your life.

But it didn't stop there...

By the 4th week, Dave told me he went for a whole hour the night before, and gave his wife two orgasms.

...then after a few words of gratitude, he looked me in the eye and said "I finally feel like a real man."

It was later that evening when I realized just how much this unique approach could help out so many other guys.

So I decided to put it together into an easy to read eBook... every technique, every secret, how to address the problem as a whole, and every single thing I know about eliminating this problem...

Introducing --> "Premature of Ejaculation Conqured "

Permanent & Immediate Relief From Premature Ejaculation

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